BMI means body mass index which is a tool to check your fat level.It is also used to know your health risk.

BMI is well known method or test in health department

There are lots of tools available like BMI but BMI is considered as the most accurate and popular among the veryone

The BMI can be calculated withknowing height and weight of the person.


BMI Table

calculate bmiThe

bmi table helps us to know our bmi range and know our health risk.with bmi table we can know our weight levels.Doctor knows our fat level by comparing our bmi value with bmi table



BMI Formula

The bmiformula helps us to know the bmi. There are two things needed to calculate bmi one is weight and other one is weight.


Know How to Calculate BMI easily from here.


BMI Ranges

The bmi ranges shows us in which level we are.There are several levels in bmi available like underweight, over weight and obese.

The bmi calculator kg is a calculator in which we can calculate bmi with weight in kilogramsa


The bmi chart

The bmi chart is same as bmi table which tell us in which level our body fat is.There are different types of chart based on location but lots of people follow general bmi chart.There will be a small difference exists between men and women bmi chart.

What should my BMI be

Your BMI should be ideal.It should be 18.5 to 25.


Online BMI Calculator

BMI calculator is the easiest way to know your bmi. You just need to enter your weight and height.This is the best site for online bmi calculator.

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